Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's go to the movies

So, the short one (who's over half my height at a week till 4 years old) and I went to the Studio Movie Grill here is Dallas on Saturday.

We've been watching more & more 'real' movies here lately at the homestead and Jacob has sat through them all. Loving every minute & moment. I thought that maybe, just maybe, the time had come to re-introduce him to the movie theater experience. (remind me to tell yall all about our $movie viewing of Kung Fu Panda 2..... he hated it when it came out.... loves it now)

The movie? Ice Age: Continental Drift
..... Jacob loved it. (did I mention he's basically...4?)

Waiting in line. Jacob was more than ready to ditch the line & hit the theater at this point. We're not quite at the level of understanding 'waiting our turn'..... oh well. (and yes, the picture quality stinks.... we were standing in front of sun filled, glass windows. Oy.)

We sat down & someone who shall remain Jacob looked waaaaaay to big for his little britches. Seriously, I took the picture & looked at it & promptly wanted to break into a rousing chorus of "Sunrise. Sunset." My baby is growing up. Meep.

Watching previews for the first time. (yes, I had to document it) He had a Sprite & had ordered mini-corn dogs by this time. And he was feeling VERY grown up, let me tell you.

But, really, all he really, really cared about was ordering "copcorn" at the "mobie theatre"...... And yes, I let him hit the little red button to call the people back to our seats after we had eaten our food. Was the tiny tot impressed with himself? ..... I believe the above picture speaks for itself.

And here we have the obligatory "end of movie picture"... picture. with the 'copcorn'.... of course.

This picture? Just cause I can. :-)

What did the mommy think of the movie? Well, there were moments of some great one-liners & character exchanges. But. But....... there was a moment into the movie when (almost as one) all the parents started pulling out their iPHONES.... anything to keep the brain cells active. It wasn't as funny or as fresh as the 1st Ice Age. However, all the kids in the audience (my mini-me, included) loved it.

And.... I think that's what matters the most. 

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