Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

Hey, I remembered!

1) That I found a Jacob approved costume just in-time for the Fall Festival tonight! Whoo-hoo! (And, he's wearing it for the Storybook Parade at his school next week & for tricks or treats on Halloween!) The boy wanted to be Mickey.... badly. But, alas- there was no Mickey costume to be found.

2) We're like 4 weeks into Ounce Upon a Time & every episode has been freaking awesome! Are you watching this? Seriously! Totally my favorite show. Not even kidding. I may even love it more than The Big Bang Theory.

3) Hey, The Big Bang Theory is back!

4) There's like less than 60 days until our Disney World vacation. Can. Not. Wait.

5) I'm writing again. Really. Is there anything that I need to say?

6) I went to the eye doctor today. Two words. New. Contacts. Hey, that may seem like a small thing, but if you've been out of fresh contacts for a while..... yeah. It's awesome.

7) The book, 'Side Jobs', by Jim Butcher. If you don't know who Jim Butcher is.... I'm sorry. You should. Get to a book store. Go to the sci-fi section, look for the book, 'Storm Front'.... Start there. You're welcome.

8) I went to The State Fair of Texas twice this year..... that's an awesomeness that cannot be truly expressed. I love the Fair. Totally. (I did not love that our beloved Big Tex was lost on this his 60th year with us. That was horrible.) A Fair post is coming people. It's coming. If you've never been to the Fair. You should. Really.

9) Fried S'mores.... please see #8

10) 2 Fletchers Original Corny Dogs.... again please see #8

What about you? What do you love this Wednesday?

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