Saturday, October 06, 2012

We Went to Granbury

And of course, came back. :-)

Just a real quick, over night trip to take some pictures of the 4 year old..... (these aren't 'the' pictures)

Funny story? I forgot Jacob's pants at home. Ugh. For all my planning and packing OCD'ishness... Yeah. Left the child's jeans at home. Insert panic attack and freak out Here.


Thankfully there was a pair of pants in his grandmother's car that she had bought of him but Was going to take back to the store.... Guess what pants are now in the pictures?

Anyway. Happy weekend! Here in north Texas we are getting a burst of Glorious Fall weather & I'm enjoying like crazy. Hope the weather around you, dear Reader, rocks!

Oh, how he loved the hotel bed.

He had the best time. It was just like a grand adventure to him.

Me and my BabyLove. :-)

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