Saturday, January 12, 2013

Counting the 2012 Blessings

This will be the post where I count down (with pictures!) some of the biggest blessings of 2012. 
(my deep apology for all the pictures.... yes, I know it adds to the loading time. But, I love pictures- my favorite way to tell a story.)

1)Another amazing year of being a mommy. But not just any ol' mommy.
This little boy's mommy.

My baby turned 4 in 2012. 
I love this kid with all my heart and then more. 

2) Another year with Grandmother Winnie.
The older I get, the more I appreciate how crazy lucky/fortunate/blessed I am to have had 3 of my 4 grandparents when I turned 30.... 
I just have 2 grandparents now.... and that makes the time with them all the more sweet.

Grandmother Winnie with 7 of her 8 great-grandchildren. 
I love this picture.

3) The 20 years I had with my fur-baby... 
Chester was my first 'baby' and my best bud.

4) The Rangers game with 2 of the 3 most important guys in my life.

and my Daddy.

5) Living the dream of taking Jacob to Disney World with my parents.
So amazing. 
(Mother, I had to use a picture with you in it. How else will people know that you're real?)

The greatest day of his 4 & 1/2 years, thus far.

Making memories... and taking pictures.

6) Another magical Christmas season for my son.

7)Saying 'yes' to marrying E.

2012 was a wonderful year.
I'm looking forward to an amazing 2013!

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