Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We're Heading for a Wedding

(or a break down. Whatever.)



Yes, indeed.

E and I are getting married. Soon. Very soon. And this whole shindig is being put on and planned by me. Sorta. As the bride, I feel that it is my job to have a vision. (I consider that one of my strengths.) And then, after visioning the vision, I should share and delegate the before mentioned vision. And this would work *great* if I wasn't a compulsive people pleaser. (name it and claim it, I say)

And, let's just say that there have been a *few* wires crossed with my devoted band of Merry Men (errr-women). But. But, I'm optimistic that those wires have been sorted out.

My mother is head of the decorating committee- and really, we do work well together (most of the time!). It took a bit, but she's seen my vision & is turning it into a reality for me. Bless her. Everything is going to look fabulous, I know it. I know my mother. (Seriously, the woman has a gift. Not kidding. My mommy is one of the most talented people I know.)

My soon-to-be mother-in-law is heading up the food committee. And, really? Bless her. She's been shuffled around a bit on her job & she's had the best attitude over it. She's got the menu & the troops behind her to pull it all off.

My soon-to-be big sis, Mindi is building me a chuppa. Yes, you heard that right. She's building me a chuppa. Why? Cause she loves her brother and she loves me. So cool.

My Matron of Most High Honor, Faith is keeping me sane & throwing me a 'not a shower, but a dinner where people might happen to bring presents'. :-) I am so thankful & blessed that she agreed to take this job on!

And, my other soon-to-be sis, Faith (yes. I have 2 Faiths in my life.), my soon-to-be niece Heather, & my soon-to-be sister (or sister-in-law) Janice, are all pitching in and trying to help wherever they can. Huge, amazing shout-out & thank you's go to them.

My sweet friend, Jennifer S., is photographing the wedding & reception. I'm so excited about this. Really. She is an amazing photographer & I'm so glad that she agreed to photograph my Day.

And, lest you think that there will be a cake-less reception..... I am beyond thrilled that another friend of mine is making my "Wedding Cupcakes!" That's right, we're not having a traditional cake-wedding or grooms. Instead, the uber-talented Melissa is making 2 or 3 flavors of her cupcakes for my reception. And, I'm just saying now, heads will roll if I end up walking out of the reception hall without eating a cupcake (or 3).

Y'all, I'm so excited.
But. I just need to:
find a dress (minor detail, I tell you.)
Decide what the gentlemen of the wedding will be wearing.
Send the invitations (meep! and double meep!)
and about 9000 other details that are making my head over-heat at any given moment in time.

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