Thursday, January 10, 2013

Easy Rider

So, the short one received a couple of big items from Jolly Old Saint Nick & his elves this Christmas. One was The Hummer.

The other?

The Big Boy Bike.

Oh, yes. The young lad is growing up & he'll be more than happy to let you in on that important piece of info... And prove it at the dropped a hat (sassy-ness often occurs in these demonstrations in varying levels).

Behold.... The Bike.

Trying it out for size on Christmas morning.

Posing with his mommy before taking it out for a spin.

Getting ready to take off.

And there goes the easy rider.

Yes, I know he doesn't have a helmet or any safety gear on. Sigh. Santa kinda forgot that little detail when he dropped the bike off... But when you have to assemble it, what do you expect?

Ah, well. A trip to Target is in our future......

Which will thrill the child- he loves that place. No, really. He does!

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