Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Cowboy'd Up

For an early birthday present/any excuse to go do something fun event this past Saturday night, my dad took Jacob, me and E to The Mesquite Rodeo.

We had a blast. We got to sit up in the suites (which is the only way to go to *most* events, in my humble opinion.) Jacob and I rode the chuck wagon around the arena before the rodeo started. We had tasty bbq & free drinks, lol! We got to come and go throughout the arena at our whim, thanks to the trusty, red wristbands on our wrists! Jacob highly enjoyed the face painting part of the night- he got a Batman face mask & a Superman "tat". I really loved being up on the cat walk by the cowboys and the animals during the bull riding part of the evening. *That* was awesome.

My favorite part, though was seeing my little boy all "cowboy'd up" as he put it. It was very cute & super special to me- my family owned a 'country/western wear' store up until I was 13/14 years old. I grew up learning how to fit a pair of boots, what 13MWZ's are, and how to take proper care of a cowboy hat. So, watching my off-spring soak up and absorb a little of that culture made me a happy mama, indeed.

If you get a chance, get on out to the rodeo- it's on until the middle of August! But there's always something happening at the arena other times of the year!

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