Monday, July 15, 2013

Honest, I Love It

I just want to go ahead & say, I'm not getting paid for this blog post. I was not asked to do it. I just want to let some other people know about something awesome I've found. I'm a professional wife and mommy- an amateur reviewer.

The Honest Co.

Let me explain. I love me some Facebook but mostly those pop-up adds on my timeline just annoy me. However. One day, an add for a free trial with The Honest Co. came on my screen. I had heard about the company, knew who Jessica Alba is, etc,etc. But, I'd never thought to try the products. I'm usually all about whatever is cheaper at Walmart or such. But, for the price of shipping, I thought- what the heck? Let's give it a try.

I'm hooked.

I love this stuff!

I've tried the laundry detergent, body wash & shampoo, hand soap, body lotion, multi-purpose cleaner, bug spray.... I've loved everything I've tried. I also love that they use organic ingredients, non-toxic ingredients (even in bug spray & house hold cleaners).

I'm slowly transitioning a lot of our household cleaners & personal care products over to Honest Co. products. I particularly love the laundry detergent & the body lotion right now. In our house, we use less than a bottle of the detergent a month (it's concentrated!) and my clothes & the Hubs and the small boy's clothes always come out clean. For me and my family, it's the right decision- for our health & for the planet's health.

If you're in the market for trying something new- give The Honest Co. a try. 

Obligatory picture of the detergent and the hand soap in my laundry room..... and 'Uncle Walter'

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