Sunday, November 03, 2013

FMF: Grace

Five Minute Friday

Sometimes I find it very hard to live out the idea of GRACE. Like, really hard. When the laundry has piled up & is starting to stage a revolt. When the kitchen counters are still sticky. And the trash needs to be taken out AGAIN. And the dish washer is full, but the last person who put something in it didn't start it.... AGAIN.

And when there's more month than money. Plans go wonky & the woman who has a hard time when plans change on regular days about has a spaz fit when plans go sideways on surgery day.

And the toilet clogs (again.) And the 5 year old refuses to poop. Again.

And everyone is tired and cranky. And no one is thinking about showering others with grace. But we sure want a lot of it poured on us.

Sometimes it seems like an endless cycle.

And, I think that's alright. For me, the cycle leads me back to showers of grace. I end up in that exact moment when I think, "Wow. If I had done that, I would really appreciate the other one to be kind. To let it go. To help me fix it."

There are so many times, more than I would like, when I just don't want to be the one to bend. I want others to bend to me. But... when you humble yourself to others, something amazing happens. They tend to do the same thing. And this amazing grace fills up the space & drives out the anger. the frustration. the hurt. Other things well up. Love. Joy. Thankfulness. Understanding.

that 5 minutes went fast as I was writing. Not quite sure I'm done unpacking this thought. Perhaps another post at a later date. 

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