Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Them Guys

I live in a home that is male dominated. I spend most of my time, it feels like, washing stained clothing, yelling to flush & wash your hands (that's just to Jacob.... the husband long ago conquered that!). And, I spend a great part of my day watching the two males & having the thought, "I.... just don't understand you people."

Getting dirty and working with tools is one of their love languages. True Story; the front end of my car is "a little broken" to quote Jacob. And E has been on a mission to fix it. This past weekend, E and Jacob pulled out the tools and did "man work" on the car. They were in The Zone. For several hours. And then, they spent another hour or two cleaning and washing out the toolbox & the tools.

They were dirty & greasy! They loved every moment of it!

And Jacob is the biggest clown on the planet.
Jumping around, being silly. Rolling around on the ground... any ground. His nickname around here is, "The Flying Squirrel" LOL. He never walks when he can hit the turbo-powered Run. The child has 2 volumes: Very Loud & asleep. And, he's never still- even when he sleeps, the child is always moving. And he's the Master of Making Weird Faces!

The two love the rough-house with one another. Again- Love Language. They love chasing each other & scaring each other & running around like crazy people. And getting dirty and wild. And sweaty! It's a rare day when I don't hear "AHAAAAA!!!!!!" coming from both of them are they gallop around the house.

And, that's not me!

But, it's them & it's fantastic! They crack me up- even when I'm staring at them with wide eyes saying, "Be Careful!" or "Nothing broken please!"

These two are my heart. 

And... perhaps, they aren't so much different from me!

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Lauren Markman said...

I love this post, because it really shows the difference between the way moms and dads play with their children. Moms are usually the ones worried about safety and structure; dads are the ones helping their children break boundaries. That is beautiful, because children need both safety and independence to grow.