Friday, April 04, 2014

How to Interrupt a Blog

So I thought I would update everyone on the 2 reasons my poor blog has been totally neglected this past month or two!

First off- HouseWatch 2014

We are officially first time home owners. Truly, I can't believe I'm typing these words. It's been a wild, wild ride to get here.I'm writing this blog post surrounded by boxes. We've been here almost a week & I fall a little more in love with the house every day.

I gotta tell you, though... there was some serious stress, tears & fear that went into the house search. We were finding some houses that were "okay" but nothing we loved. However, the current housing market is a beating... at least here in North Texas. I'm not exaggerating at all when I tell you this- Houses are going on the market & getting snapped up within two or three days AND they are going for well over their list price. It was getting super discouraging for us.

And, I have to admit. I had all but given up.

But. We kept looking and praying & E kept telling me that everything would be fine and that we would find a house.

And. We did.

Reason Number 2- BabyWatch 2014

I know I haven't been very great at keeping the baby updates going on the blog. Oops! Honestly, there hasn't been a whole lot to update. Well, at least updates that are fit for public consumption! And no, there are no "belly pics." I did those the first time around when I was pregnant with Jacob- under great pressure, I assure you. Some women love them, I'm not one of those peeps.

As of today, I am 27 weeks and change. And we've got about 13 more weeks to go until the blessed event. AKA: the C-section day arrives. I could give you the exact number of days/minutes/seconds, but that might be considered "over-sharing."

I was asked here recently if I am ready for the baby to arrive. Yes and No.

No, in that we've just moved into a new house and there are boxes everywhere & the baby's room has become the designated dumping ground for all things that don't yet have home. I really need to catch my breath before charging into the next great adventure!

But, yes, I'm so ready in that I've hit that phase when I'm just tired on being pregnant. There's been some hellish nights of insomnia (we're talking weeks on end, people) and restless legs and nausea and dizziness and.... well, the list goes on and on. Needless to say, I'm not one of those women that enjoys incubating a small human inside me. I'm thankful and grateful to be pregnant, yes.... I'll just be a whole lot more of those happy emotions once the child is actually born!

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