Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Bunnies! The Bunnies!

If you in the DFW area & looking for an Easter picture that doesn't include some high school kid dressed up in an over sized bunny costume, I have an idea for you.

This past week, the 5 year old and I headed out to North Park Mall to run an errand or two. Bunny pictures were not on our to-do list, let me tell you. A fact that you'll quickly figure out when you see what my child is wearing! But... we walked out of Macy's and there they were.... the bunnies. Live bunnies. Real bunnies. And, small people can have their picture taken with them.

Naturally, Jacob wanted to check it out.

There was, maybe, a five minute wait & then it was our turn. Jacob took his shoes off and gleefully climbed up on the picture taking stand to get ready for the bunnies.

And, oh my goodness, the glee. He giggled and laughed and smiled through the whole picture taking session. The gentleman who took the pictures was very nice and arranged Jacob through about three poses.

There was one, small dark cloud that rested over bunny time. (well, for Jacob) We were finishing up and taking the last pictures and the picture guy was reaching for the bunnies when Jacob got a funny look on his face and squealed...


It took a minute for us to figure it out.

One of the bunnies peed on Jacob.

The man-child was NOT amused. At all. There were tears. There was wailing.
At least until the promise of a trip to the Disney Store (conveniently located next door) to procure a brand new shirt so we could continue on our errand running. (And, let me tell you, the pride I felt when he picked out a Star Wars shirt was... Huge.)

Pee'ing bunny aside, the excursion was a huge hit & all the more fun because it wasn't planned! If you have a moment or two, I would highly recommend heading out to North Park Mall and getting a bunny picture for your own!

Here's the Info!
ps. if the name seems familiar, fellow Dallas-ites... it is! These are the same cats that do the famous Santa pictures here every year... 

Bunny Rabbit Days
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - Saturday, April 19, 2014
10:00AM - 5:30PM
Get portraits of your children with live bunnies in time for Easter! The cost is $34.95 plus tax ($5 ea. addt'l child). This includes the session fee and one 5x7 color portrait. Gift packages are available. Marc Robbins Photography is located near Macy's Court in the hall where Macy's and The Disney Store meet. Call 214-207-0649 or email marc@marcrobinsphoto for more information.

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Heaven's Roses said...

I happened to find your blog through another link and I think the pictures with the "live" bunny are adorable! My kids are a little older now so we don't get the annual Easter pictures any longer. Cute, cute! I hope to visit your blog again soon. Have you been blogging long? I have a blog as well and still don't seem to get a lot of traffic flow so when I have a few minutes I take a peek at other blogs. And congratulations on the news of your second son! What an exciting time!