Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kari Jobe- The Majestic Tour

I just want to go ahead and say for the record......I Love Music !!!!!

When I was growing up, music was what moved my soul. I believed then and I believe now there is a song for every situation, every mood, and every moment in my day. A very large part of my life is my love for Christ so finding music that reflects and pours out that love is one of the more satisfying "music moments" for me.

One of my favorite Christian artists is Kari Jobe. Have you heard Kari and her songs? You should. She's a gal from a town within driving distance of my hometown and began leading worship at her church at age 13. She's toured with Chris Tomlin, Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, Hillsong  and Passion tours. She also has a GRAMMY nomination and a DOVE award under her belt.

But what I love most about her music is that, at it's core, it's worship driven. That's the kind of music I gravitate that reminds me just who the God of the Universe is. Songs that make much of Him, such as "Healer,"  focus me and help me lock in on my thoughts and feelings toward God. The song, "The Cross is My Confession," sings of the marvelous and amazing truth of what the Cross of Christ does and means for me. It's a powerful anthem for my life.

I am so excited that Kari Jobe is kicking off her new tour with the release of her latest album, MAJESTIC. This album was recorded live at the Majestic Theater, here in Dallas, Texas. It's an amazing live worship album with new material that, I believe, listeners will fall in love with as they worship and praise God.

I'm thrilled to say I get to be in the audience when her tour swings through my area in October! I'll be Tweeting and sharing photos and thoughts about the concert!

Trust me when I say you do not want to miss this! Check out the link below and see if the Majestic Tour is coming to a city near you!

Kari Jobe

The Majestic Tour

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