Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh, Happy Day!

All is right in the 'verse once more!

The news came down today! Are you ready for this, oh faithful readers?

My Beloved Richard Dean Anderson is returning to the Stargate Playground this coming season!!!

I'm doing the happy dance here!!

I needed some good news today & I'd say it came through in spades!

RDA is coming back for 4 or 5 episodes for the 10th season of Stargate SG1! And, yippee, those appearances won't be the "blink and you'll miss him" cameos he had earlier in the 9th season. They will have some substance. And hopefully, he won't look completely stoned... The Lord of War and the Elfin Princess and I discussed how he looked like something wasn't quite right with him in one cameo... He's also scheduled to film some Stargate Atlantis episodes, as well.

Finally, I can watch SG1 without wanting to kill myself with a dull instrument! As I have said before, there's only so much I can take of Daniel Junior and Dominatrix Spice... especially since Dominatrix is to a regular in the 10th season. But, I'd say that TPTB are forgiven with this news today!

Check out the links for more info! Until later!

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