Friday, March 17, 2006

Wheeling Trip part 1

Well, I thought I would give one and all a little glimpse into my Monday of last. For all those who do not know, I began my trip to Wheeling, West Virginia to see my beloved Grandpa and Grandma.

My day started early- 4:30 am. What makes that truly amazing is that I didn't get to sleep until almost 2 am! But, I was up before the sun that morning.

I made my tea and plugged in my curling iron. The next order of business was the brushing of teeth and the putting in of contacts. My poor eyeballs staged a mini-rebellion for that, let me tell you! However, I got curled and coifed, dressed and fully packed. My Gram was bid adieu as well as my sweet Chester.

It should be stated now that I borrowed my mother's big suitcase so I could pack my bulkier winter clothing. We make it all the way to the garage on our way to the car and Mom just happens to mention the weight restriction on baggage. Well, as I have never checked a large bag, I have never had to worry about weight restrictions... Let's just say that trying to weight a suitcase, crammed to the max on a set of bathroom scales is not only impossible... but more than a tad bit ridiculous.

Do you realize how many people are up and driving at 6 in the morning?


Anyway, we get to the airport and wouldn't you know it... my suitcase is 6lbs. over the limit... Figures... So, there was lovely trailer trash moment of opening my case & pulling out some stuff for Mom to take back home with her. Eesh... Then, as luck would have it, I couldn't check in at the outside curb. No, I had to check my bag and get my ticket upstairs in what is commonly known as Airport Purgatory... the dreaded ticket counter. Fortunately, the line for tickets and the security check line was light. Whoo-hooo.

Once I got into the main part of the DFW International Airport, I had one objective.

Misson: Caffeine Up the Taylor!!!

Since I am a very good girl, the Coffee Gods smiled upon me! The coffee shop stood all of just 10 feet away from the Security check point!

Oh, Happy Day!

One medium coffee with cream and sugar later, I was trucking to B.F.E. in D.F.W. It's really not all that surprising that my gate would be 600000 miles away from the entry point, is it? However,I had coffee and I didn't care.

My flight was "scheduled" to leave at 7:40am... Yeah, right...

We didn't get on the plane until 8:30am.

And I was asleep before the plane took off!

*Tune in later for more from my trip!!! Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!*

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