Thursday, March 02, 2006

My New Favorite...

My new favorite movie of the year....

Pride and Prejudice!

Among the movies that came out in 2005, there were really only three that had to duke it out for that coveted title of favorite; Walk the Line, the film about the love story of the late Johnny and June Carter Cash; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; and Pride and Prejudice.

I loved all three of these cinematic jewels and, for a while, my choice was Walk the Line. I love Johnny Cash and, especially, June Carter Cash. I went and saw this one with Mr. Darcy and he implied that I was rather like June Carter... at least Reese Witherspoon's take on her. Since I'm a big fan of Mrs. Cash, I took that as the highest of compliments!

BUT! We saw Pride and Prejudice at the Dollar Movie!

I love Jane Austen; always have and always will. Two of my favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. I was thrilled several years ago with the great Emma Thompson's version of Sense. I adore that movie. AH! My favorite character, hands down, being Colonel Brandon. But, oh... Pride and Prejudice... Is there any girl that, upon reading that masterpiece, doesn't fancy herself a little like Lizzie Bennet? Is there any girl that doesn't look to the horizon for her Mr. Darcy?

I adored this movie from the opening sequence to the very end. How amazing that a film that was slightly over two hours seemed to fly by in scant minutes! That is the essence of being entertained! Keira Knightly was enchanting as Lizzie. I loved every moment of her performance. And the young man who played Mr. Darcy... oh, my goodness! He was absolutely superb!

The supporting characters were wonderful as well. The young woman who portrayed Jane was excellent. As well was the little man who played the highly irritating, yet hysterically amusing Mr. Collins. Jena Malone was great in her role as the insipid Lydia. And I loved the casting of Donald Sutherland and Brenda Blethyn as Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. In my opinion, both were well suited to the roles. And then, of course, Dame Judi Dench as the highly stuck up Lady Catherine. Does it get any better than Dame Judi?

This movie was sexy and beautiful... all without being even the slightest bit inappropriate for audiences. This film is proof that one doesn't have to go for raunch to entertain... in fact, one should never.

I highly recommend P & P to all. It's out on dvd now. Go rent it and love it!

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