Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Small Update

Well, I don't have any big huge news at the moment. I will say that I have added some more links & encourage all to go and check them out. I am still so excited that I learned that little trick!

By the way, thanks to all who commented on my 'Low ' post. Especially, those who called or texted.

Hmm.... anything else.... the STARS are in the hunt for Lord Stanley's cup & my boy, Bill Guerin is back on the ice after a very painful injury. Life is good! And they won their game this evening!

Rehearsal for 'The Saga of the Golden Horseshoe' (also know, simply, as Horseshoe) is going very well. But may I just say how much I HATE improv work? Hate it, hate it, hate it. I developed a sincere distaste for it in high school theater and its only grown with time. I think it relates somehow with how much I detest curtain call... and that's something that my mother just cannot understand.

On a side note: It's funny how, at times like this, I miss those who have passed on more than ever. I would have loved to have had my great-grandparents at some of my performances... But especially, my D-Daddy. But, he saw quite a few 'performances' on the fireplace stage of our home when I was a little girl. But still... I think it's times like this that I miss him the most.

Any Toby Keith fans out there? You gotta get T.K.'s new album, White Trash with Money. It's great! The first single, Get Drunk and Be Somebody, is great.... Wrong! So very wrong! But great! I'm really diggin' the whole record~ It's sooo Toby Keith & those who have heard his music know what I'm talking about.

Saturday night I had a bit of an epiphany... I am, without a doubt, one of the biggest dorks on the planet. Yes, I know, not a big news flash there... but just humor me, please. My little group of vagabonds and myself were playing a role-playing/card type game thing. I don't remember the name of it. Ask PoD. But it's got the Knights of the Round Table of Camelot. Anyway, the moment when all became clear was when Jared, in a moment of triumph, threw his arms out and yelled, "I'm King of the Dorks!!!" Yeah, we're all dorks... but, we're dorks together.

It's safer in numbers and we like to travel in packs....

Anyway, gentle readers, I hope all are having a good week. But, if you aren't... just remember this wise old saying.... When life hands you a lemon... throw it at somebody!

Until next time!

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