Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Home from the hospital

Well... it looks like that cyst that they thought had "resolved itself" had "resolved itself" by bursting inside on me. Ick. The doc is thinking that that, combined with scar tissue and adhesions from a prior surgery caused me all that pain.

My throat is killing me- It's like the worst sore throat EVER. The only other time I have had a sore throat this bad was when I had strep & MONO at the same time. It's from them having me intubated (sp?) during the procedure. I HOPE it's better tomorrow, cause this is for the birds! It hoovers, big time.

The incision sites are kinda achy right now. That's with a couple of happy pills in my system. It's extra strength Vicodin & it just takes the edge off the pain- doesn't really take it away. I'm thinking about upping the dose to 2, instead of the 1 every 4-6 hours that I was trying to start out at. But I'll deal with that tomorrow.

**Special note, please keep the family for whom I nanny in your prayers. The oldest girl, M, who has been battling an eating disorder & severe depression took a rather large step back a week or so ago. She's tried to kill herself by shredding her wrist and arm while her mother and I were both gone from the house. I came home and handled the fall-out that went along with M calling for me and showing me what she had done. She's back in the hospital now, but the whole family (mom, dad, and 2 younger sisters) are in need of every prayer they can get.**

I'm off work tomorrow, but plan on returning on Friday. Thanks for stopping by!

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teacherpanda said...

Wow! That would be painful, having a cyst burst. Recovering from surgery is never fun. I do hope your recovery time is short, not too long. But, do enjoy being waited on.