Friday, August 31, 2007

Vegas/California Pics

Me and my Dad at the Reagan Library

Me and my Mama.


Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Ms. Taylor, thank you so much for your sweet comment to my blog. I am so very humbled that you have found us and follow our 'crazy' big life. Please know that I never consider any 'meeting' of any kind an accident. It's great to meet you via blogging. :) I will browse around and stalk you if you don't mind. Huge hugs from THE HUGHES.

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

P.S. And yes---your right. Many people have a great fear of blogging their reality. I, however, have been greatly humbled these last few years and now I'm desperate to share my heart to many of my loved ones that possibly need some edifying. (if that makes any sense?) Bottomline: I'm praying heavily that the Lord heals the years that locusts have eaten in my family line as well as my husbands. We all come from such brokenness and my prayer is that some day my son will look back on this blog and say "mom sure did love God,my daddy and me". That's my dream! Hugs again

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

p.s.s. you see, I'm really stalking here. :) You have comment moderation I have no clue how large your comment section will go! LOL
I read your blog on depression. I wanted to say that I actually heard the best analogy on depression I've ever heard in my life that really brings people to a stark reality of what it's like.
Here goes: If someone told you that the cure for depression were on your bed side table with an arm's length reach....the person that is truly depressed would be too depressed to even get up and walk over to pick up the cure. (within reach as well)
What a reality. You are not alone and by God's are writing about it. That is the largest Praise God. Huge hugs again. A