Friday, August 03, 2007

August already

I can't believe that it's August already.

That's just crazy. The days and months fly by so quickly & each and every one of them become more and more precious. I look at the girls that I keep and just kinda shake my head at the way they want to hurry up life... knowing how much they'll want to slow it down in just a few short years. They have no clue of how it flies by. But then, neither did I when I was their age. I guess that's one of the milestones of growing up- knowing how fast it goes & how precious every single second is.

For those doing the Happy Vegas Countdown with me: (drumroll, please) 5 MORE DAYS!!!!!! Whoo-hooo!!!!! Yes, gentle readers, in only 5 more days yours truly will once more be in the happiest city on earth! I can't wait! I am soooo excited! (I know, you can't tell can you?) There is a little fairy inside my head doing the 'Running Man' and 'The Moonwalk' as we speak.... I can't wait to show my sweet husband the city that I love so much...... and, of course, to geek out at the Star Trek Con.!

I got most of the laundry done (it never seems to end... just multiplies like bunnies on meth) yesterday. I want to be all packed by this weekend.... or as close to all packed as I can get. I work 8am-6pm Monday and Tuesday & we leave on Wed. I do not want to be running around like a crazy person Tuesday night trying to get everything packed. No way.

So, with that in mind, I'm hard at work on my beloved lists. Those faithful readers out there will remember my great love of list making and how I owe what little organization there is to my life to my excellent list making skills. I have lists for EVERYTHING. Not kidding. I am the List Making Queen... and, interestingly enough, I married the List Making King.... we just don't make lists for each other...... yet... very often. :-)

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