Monday, August 24, 2009

Jacob (with Pictures!)

Oh, I think it's been a while since I've updated the world on my precious little gift to it! :-)

It's Toddler Time around these parts- be still my beating heart! Jacob is walking around the bedroom after all his toys and his people. He's still a bit hesitant to go for it in the big part of the house, but he'll get there. :-) He gets so darn excited when he starts walking to someone he can hardly keep his balance.

He still loves sharing his Cheerios with Gizmo... and Gizmo still loves Jacob sharing the Cheerios with him!

Jacob loves his fruit and his veggies- and his cake and ice cream! Blue Bell, Homemade Vanilla- he's a good Texas boy!

This past Sunday was "Promotion Sunday" at church. Oh my golly heavens! My baby isn't in the baby rooms anymore!!!! He's in a Big Boy room! When did this happen! He couldn't have cared less, he was happy to get there and start playing, but it was a moment for his mama. ::meep:: Jacob will be 13 months tomorrow. I used to make fun of the "months" after a child turned 1; now I get it. I want to hang on to the babyhood for as long as I can.

He's such a joy. His smile makes my day and his laugh make me laugh right along with him. He's really really happy, unless he's tired or hungry... then watch out! :-) He's very passionate about his food! And he still resents the fact that he needs sleep to function. Unfortunately for him, he just cannot make it through the day without at least 1 nap.

The happy, smiley boy starts "school" September 4th at our church's pre-school program. It's a one day a week program for him. He'll go on Fridays. His daddy and I have a "meet the teacher" tomorrow, the first of many. ::sniff::
I'm blessed to be his mama.


The Bergers said...

Precious! 13 months already? Well, makes sense since Sophia will be 1 year this Saturday. How time flies! Enjoy it as much as you can.
Love you. :)

Blasé said...

Too Cute!

Mom said...

Cute as they come!