Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday BookShelf Day

Well, alrighty, let's dive right in to the first book. Well, not the actual first book I read this month, but the first book I'm going to make a pathetic attempt at 'reviewing' on my little blog. It's a fiction book, sorry Mother.

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

Ya know, after reading this, I'm not really sure how or what I was supposed to feel. I've had a week to ruminate on it .... I'm still conflicted. I originally read the book because I want to see the movie- it has Kate Winslet and yes, I'm a fan.

The main characters are Frank and April Wheeler. I alternately ached for April & wanted slap her silly. I wanted to like Frank, I did. I wanted to drum up some sense of compassion for him... but I could never scrounge up much of anything but pity.

The story, the characters, the writing itself- they are all excellent... but as I turned the final page, the journey left me feeling quite unsettled.

~I think I'll read this book again one day when I have the benefit of more grey being covered by hair dye... Perhaps I'll be able to place a proper label on it then.~

And yes, I still think I'll watch the movie.

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