Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sir Paul in JerryWorld

Last night my mother, my father and I went to see Sir Paul McCartney in concert at The New Home of the Dallas Cowboys (JerryWorld). I want to state for the record that Sir Paul was absolutely brilliant! Please, oh dear Lord, let me have that kind of energy when I'm 67- 2 & 1/2 hours of music.


There were a few downers to the evenings' festivities- the first one being, I almost died. Well, not really but close enough. Since it's Texas in August, it was about 9000 degrees outside- no big shock there. The doors to the stadium were supposed to open at 6pm... heh. Not so much.


Almost 2 hours in the heat/sun (yeah, we couldn't be let in in the shady part, no everybody had to get a head start on their skin cancer by standing in the sun), $5 water, $8 beer, $14 Cowboy-rita (was never really sure what that was), a couple more than a few thousand people sweating and it was a recipe for disaster. My mom started glancing at me every few minutes, I think she expected me to hit the ground at any moment. And I'm kinda surprised I didn't- I got very pale, stopped sweating & my fingers and then my whole hands went numb. Awesome.

Finally we got in.


It was my first look at the much touted, New Home of the Dallas Cowboys. And I have to say.....

Meh... not so much.

Oh, it's big. The seat go up forever- you really could get a nose bleed up there. But, as far as general seating amenities, nope. They couldn't even spring for automatic flushers in the restrooms: Hey, I'm a girl who also happens to be a mom- that's an important detail, I tell you! Cause, ewww!

I'm quite sure if you have money to blow that you would be awed by JerryWorld, but for the rest of us who are on the lower rungs of the financial ladder... not so much.


On to The Amazing, Brilliant Sir Paul.

Words cannot even begin to describe wondrousness on this concert. Living Legend, yes indeedy. He played some Beatles stuff, some Wings, some new stuff. Everything was awesome.

Please, Sir, may I have some more?

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