Monday, February 22, 2010

Something Cool


I really wanted to post something today. Something very pithy.... I got nothin'.

I am pleased to announce that the J-Boy is back to his normal happy self. Although we had 4 days last week when 6:30am was (apparently) the new pink. And, I have to tell you, it's not pretty.... especially when it includes me shuffling around the house, trying to remember how to do things like make breakfast, walk, think, speak..... or do any of those things at the same time.
Happily, Jacob respected the Day of Rest and slept till 7:50am yesterday & after 8am this morning.

Oh! On Sat, I got the greatest present EVER (other than, you know life & my son) from one of my uncles. It's the vest my grandfather wore when he performed in Western Re-enactments umpteen years ago. I have a picture of D-Daddy in full "Marshall Dillon" regalia & he's wearing the vest. I about started crying. It's doubly amazing to me for 2 reasons.... a) I was uber-close to my D-Daddy & b) the whole me-being-an-actor-and-him-wearing-it-to-perform-in-thing. I'm going to clean it up as best I can and have it archived/framed when I have the $$.
Here he is: Winston W Freeman in full Western gear.
Many years later with his granddaughter- your intrepid bloggerette.

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