Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday's the Day for Reading

... and a book review. Thought I forgot all about those, didn't you? :-)

Your Boy
Vicki Courtney
An awesome primer, reminder and encourager for Christian moms with little lad's barreling through their houses and their hearts. Mrs. Courtney reminds us all that our sons face very real dangers in the world and yes, they do need their moms to help protect & defend them and to help them to learn to make good choices. We have such an unique opportunity to mold warriors, not wimps. In my humble opinion, it's a must read for any mom with a son.
Just sayin'.
On the Jacob news front: we went to the doctor yesterday afternoon, looks like the poor kiddo picked up a virus. :-( He's on a strick meal plan for a few days. Pedi-lite, water, and the (often, aptly named) BRATT diet. It's the Bubonic Plague, I'm telling you.
**for those who don't know, the BRATT diet is Banannas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea & Toast**

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