Friday, May 21, 2010

Just Horrible I Tell You....

Let me explain.

I have a love for cupcakes. And fried chicken. And fried pickles. And chicken fried chicken. And ding-dongs (the food, not people). And candy bars. And greasy spoon food.

To put it simply, I was raised by good ol' southern people who cooked good ol' southern food when I was going up. You know, food that keeps cardiologists in business.

As I have approached my 30th year with whiplash speed, I've tried to take a more zen-like (what was zen like?) approach to what I put into my poor little body. I take vitamins. I drink lots of water. And, I try and eat cleanly.

What does that mean, you ask? You just try and eat without making a mess, BloggerGiRl, you inquire?

No... well, yes. But that's not what I mean. I eat more veggies. More salads. When I eat meat, it's chicken or fish with beef every once in a while. Fried foods are a rare thing in my tummy. Heavily fatty foods are minimized- I try and go for the "good fats." And, yes, I like eating this way. I do. I really do.


Oh, the shame.....

I ate a Central Market cupcake the other day.... and it happened. That thing that others said might happen- it actually made me feel bad. My body didn't like it. The week before it didn't like the fried chicken we had for dinner either. I'm so upset. It's horrible, I tell you.

But I will cling to my fried green tomatoes and my fried pickles! I will never give them up! Never!

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Mom said...

A cupcake made you feel bad .......really? Too much icing on them for me. Other than that.....yummmmmmm