Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Rainy, Rainy, Rainy

Yes, you may have guessed from the oh so clever post title, it's a rainy, rainy day. Actually, it's been a rainy couple of days. Tropical Storm Hermine is making her presence known even here in north Texas. We've got so darn much rain that there's been flash flooding all over the place & now, there are tornado warnings dotting all around where I live.

Am I taking adequate and immediate shelter with my loved ones? Umm, no. I'm perched on my bed "writing a paper", watching Pete Delkus & blogging. :-) Why? Cause it's what I do. And, since there's not a warning on the exact spot where I live, I feel rather safe at the moment.

But yall know what's totally bizarre? Listening to Steve McCauley on the phone on Channel 8 saying, "It's on the ground. The tornado is on the ground."...... he's currently chasing it. Well, I hope he's seeking shelter- cause I'm watching it on the tv & it's a little freaky.

and mesmerizing..... (thank you, HD Chopper 8)

I used to make fun of my mother when I was younger- she would tell me 'twister' stories & one in particular made me shake my head- she stood in her front yard and watched the twister. I could not fathom that. And now, here I am- totally mesmerized by this.

Here's a Few Things I Would Never Want to Hear When Anywhere NEAR a Wall Cloud
1. it's closing in on us
2. multiple vortices
3. lots of damage
4. debris that's being knocked around & lifted up
5. cars driving TOWARDS it
6. transformer fire

Crazy People.

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