Saturday, September 25, 2010

Think of This as a Public Service Anouncement

..... for your culinary health.

A few tasty suggestions for your dining pleasure in the DFW, Texas area. :-)

Chuy's- do I really need to explain this? I heart this place. The salsa is kinda like chunky pico. Yummy and fresh. And the margaritas are darn tasty too. Just sayin'.

Papasito's- yeah, the Godfather of tasty Tex-Mex.... which is kinda odd since the people who own the chain are Greek, I believe.

Jorg's- if you want good, and I mean great, Austrian food... go here now.

Urban Crust- My favorite pizza in the world. Yeah, it's that good. I recommend the "Shea's East Side" pizza. Oh, and the "Hearts of Plano" salad. It's big enough for two.

Ajisen- it's kinda like my own personal "Cheers", only it's a Japanese restaurant. I go for the sushi & I'm never disappointed. Go at lunch time and try the lunch roll combo- 2 rolls, salad & miso soup for $10. It's in Richardson, in Little Chinatown off Greenville road.

Buco de Beppo- yes, it's an Italian chain. But, darn it, it's good food. And the family style makes me happy... it makes me think of my Grandma's house when there's lots of food and family... and that just gives me all kinds of warm fuzzies on the inside.

And this concludes your PSA for today. Have a lovely day!

and go eat some great food! :-)

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