Friday, September 10, 2010

We're Still Here

Watching twisters on live tv is amazing television, I tell you. Tornado drills are also lots of fun too. There's nothing like gathering together in a very tiny bathroom to bring you together as a family...

... and make you realize that you do not have a current (read: complete or anything) disaster kit.

Put that on my to-do list.

And for the record- may I just state my amazement at having several twisty twisters touch down around north Texas because of a Tropical Storm? Crazy. And ALL THE FLOODING. Thank you so much Tropical Storm Hermine for dumping all that rain on my home state. Holy Noah and his Traveling Ark, Batman.

From this point on, there's not going to be much of a flow going on to this post.

We went to Austin for Labor Day. I took my Lad to the Holy Land- I mean, the University of Texas campus. :-) We went to the stadium for a photo-op & he cheered for the Horns & their mighty school crest. It brought a tear to my eye. I'll have an Austin trip post soon (I hope) complete with pictures. And some restaurant reviews. There was some tasty, tasty chow that was consumed on that trip!

I need a new purse. I have retired the pretty, pretty pink purse for the fall (sad day) & I don't love any of my three current options. I think a trip to Charming Charlie is in order for yours truly.

I need some signature necklace pieces for the fall. (and when I say "need", I totally mean "really want")

Does anyone else love those chunky, flow-y sweater? Love.

I also really need a couple of new ballet-flat'esqe shoes. Hopefully in animal print. (and some high-heels in that print would be great too.)

I do now declare that a trip to Charming Charlie is in order.

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