Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Trip in Pictures

Here are just a few pictures from our Labor Day trip. We had fun- I love Austin. I really do.

This is what happens when some drunk in the hotel pull the fire alarm at 5am.... and it get stuck in the on position & goes off twice. The first time, J fell back to sleep... the 2nd time, not so much. He ended up in the bed with me. (Special thanks to my dad for snapping this less than charming picture of me. That's what happens when you and your 2 year old share a hotel room with your mom and dad.)
In line at the Oasis- we waited quite a long time for a table. And then considered adopting into the family the waiter who bumped us out of the line & sat us in his station. Bless him. Bless him.

J and my Dad at the Oasis.
The obligatory picture of a sleeping 2 year old in his carseat. He fought each and every nap. The child didn't want to miss one thing.

Inside the Texas State Capital. Remind me to dedicate an entire post to the several pictures it took just to get this one, semi-decent picture. It makes me totally ok with the fact that my child is not looking at the camera.

If you get a chance to tour the Bob Bullock museum- take the time. It was really wonderful.

Yes... Just take a moment & share in my joy. I took J to the UT campus. It was a proud moment for me.

My new favorite picture!

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Jill said...

It makes me so sad how big our babies are getting.... :(