Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

So, I kinda dropped the ball on this one. Whoops. And, I will say, in my defense... it's been that kinda week/summer. Lot's of stuff going on in my world. Lot's of stuff going on in my heart. Still trying to sort it all out into some kind of cogent pattern I hope I can share with yall. I've seen God's finger prints time and again over the stained glass of my heart & life.... and this season is no different. It's simply... different.


Here's a short, What I Love Wednesday. Enjoy. And remember to look around and truly see the things in your life that you truly love- be they big or small.

1) Late Night Dance Parties. (aka: watching my boy find his groove & his soul)

2) A "Peet-stop" (if you've seen Cars. You know you what I'm talking about)

3) When my son says he wants me to take a picture of him making a silly face. :-) Any time.

4) These 2.

5) 3 Generations of Steeler Nation. Oh, the Pride. That's my Daddy, Jacob & me.

6) There are still a few more years when my son still likes and wants to take pictures with his mommy. And hanging with his mommy is one of his favorite things to do in this world.

Happy Wednesday! 

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