Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So, I Made Lunch One Day

Every once in a great while, I like to exercise my cooking skills around lunch time. Usually around the same time I'm thinking about trying out a new recipe & I'm having doubts or questions about it. What better time, than lunch time? When it's usually just me & the wingman around to flex the culinary muscles?

I thought so.

Behold, today ... I give you a lunch time recipe. In pictures.

This first step is Important. Go to the store. Get a 6-pack of Zevia Natural Sodas. Go! Go, now! They are super yummy. And, no. I haven't been asked to say that. I just really love them. This pretty pink can is filled with tasty Strawberry (!).

Anyway. On with the show- or lunch. Whatever.

I had a recipe that I found. Somewhere. I had most of the ingredients. (yeah, whoops. always check your recipe Before you start cooking, kids!) But I had a few ideas to tweak it, so to speak.

Chop some onion. I used what I had leftover in the FridgAdair. That would be 3/4 of a white onion & about 1/4 of a purple.

Heat up a nice, large skillet with some olive oil. (net time, though, I'm thinking of chopping up some Bacon & then adding the onion once the bacon cooks up. Everything is better with bacon.) Add some garlic. How much? Hmmm.... I used one of my regular old spoons I set the table with with- one scoop. (I'm so precise.)

While the onions & garlic are cooking (and the garlic is hopefully not burning!) chop up one zucchini. Really. I just used one. I thought I might need more than that. Nope. Just one.

Throw it in the pan. And if a short one who's seen "Ratatouille" one too many times comes wandering into the kitchen begging to be a cooker like Remy & "Please, Mommy! I want to help!" I say, hold the pan and left him stir.... and, you know. Take a picture.

Keep stirring.
Let the zucchini get nice and browned and tender and yummy.

Throw in some frozen corn. (Because the 4 year old will usually eat anything with corn.)

Drain a can of beans and dump the beans in. I used red kidney beans, but I think just about any kind of bean would work. Pick one you like.

Next, open a can of diced tomatoes and pour the whole can in. Stir, please.

Add some water and bring to a simmer. Now. Add some spices. I went with some basil, oregano, bay, thyme... you know, my spice palate love language. But I say, play around. Here's where this dish can be spun around to taste Mexican-y. Or whatever you're feeling like. The point is, just add whatever you want to flavor the dish. Here.

Then let it cook for about 10 minutes or so.

Add a cup of rice. Turn the heat down and let the rice soak up all the liquid. It will. I promise.

When it's done, it looks like this. Check your seasoning. (I added just a pinch of salt and pepper after it was all said and done.)

Oh, and then it looks like this on you're plate. Because you added some cheese. :-)

I liked this one. And even the Oh-so-too-picky-for-his-own-good little Mister liked it too.

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