Friday, September 21, 2012

5 Minute Friday. Wide.

Five Minute Friday

Yup. So. It's 5 Minute Friday..... The Prompt is "Wide".... Here We Go....

I think I'm so often frozen by the gulf that is 'I'm so far from where I thought I would be by now'. I'm no where even close. I'm divorced. I have a kid. No job. I live with my parents & my grandmother. And I never thought that would be me.

But. I wonder what's keeping me from writing the words I want to write. Following the dreams that are bubbling up within me. That gulf of fear. Oh, she's wide. Wondering what others will think. I freeze at the thought of the disaproval of some people. (I wish I could be less of that person.)

I know that God has me. I know.

And I have been blessed beyond my thoughts- my son. Is Amazing. And. I have a relationship with a really wonderful man. (I could write for an hour or 2 about those 2.) And a family that does love me.

Perhaps the next step is to just take it. Go for it. Maybe I should just jump.

We'll see.


Anne said...

:) life is always different than we planned isn't it. I like FMF because it helps me practice "just going for it"...on a small scale. :) Thanks for the post!

Jenna DeWitt said...

"I know that God has me. I know."

That simple phrase has such strength and courage in it. It is faith. And with that, you can move mountains, you know?


Blessings on the journey,

Denise said...

Wonderful post.