Friday, September 07, 2012

The First Day of Pre-School

Yesterday was the short one's first (real) day of pre-school. Sigh. My baby is a 4 year old. A child. He has his own sassy opinions. He can dress himself. Brush his teeth. Walk to and from the car & everywhere else (except when he decides that his legs or feet are broken & he cannot possibly walk another step, because 'Oh, the humanity! It's just too hard! Someone pick me up and carry me!')

So, yes. He started real-live, honest to goodness pre-school yesterday.

And yes, I made him stand in front of the front door with the '1st day of pre-school' sign. Oh, yes I did.

But, all he was really concerned about was his new 'pack-pack.' He's been asking me every. single. day. If today was the day that he would be allowed to wear it. He was thrilled when I told him yesterday morning that It Was the Day.

Who is this little kid? And where did my little baby boy go???

And, of course. A picture with his new teacher, Mrs. R.

I asked her how he did when I picked him up after school.
"Umm, well. He had some problems following directions." (poor lady. I think she thought I was going to get mad at her for saying that.)

(I laughed... to myself. Not out loud. That might be rude.) "Yeah, I kinda thought so. Just keep on him."

I feel a little badly for his teacher. She seems sweet and very lovely. And, I have a feeling that my little ray of sunshine is going to drive her crazy. Hopefully, she'll get his number quickly. (crosses fingers)
He's an interesting little guy, my off-spring. He's funny and outgoing as all get out. He's sweet as sugar. But. He's also strong willed as all get out. And stubborn as a mule. And on a mission in life (thus far) to rule. And, if he even so much as *thinks* that he can gain control. You're toast. Oh, and that independent streak that's about a mile wide? That will serve him quite well one day. But today? It's all about taming & civilizing the little whirling ball of boy.

I love that kid.
And, I'm crazy proud of him. And to be the one person in this world he calls, "Mommy."

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