Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Almost a Recipe

So, yesterday was a big day around here. My little baby boy graduated pre-K. Sniffle. He looked so big and so darn grown up. I don't know if my heart can take this. The child had a cap (as in cap and gown) and it came home with us. And a little diploma. Sigh.

The other big event was- I went to the grocery store. Why was it a big event? Cause I looked around my cabinets last night and realized that unless I could convince my people that A) ramen was a good meal or B) grilled cheese and soup would be an excellent dinner (again)... I had to brave the grocery store & soon.

As luck would have it, I had E & Jacob with me. No, neither one of my males came into the store with me. Oy. Both would have been whining, but for totally different reasons! No. The men-folk stayed in the car while I ran in. 30 minutes later, I'm happy to say that I had a cart full of tasty food & ingredients! I'm also happy to say that having those two around when it's time to unload the car makes shopping much more enjoyable!

To make a long story even longer- I wasn't really in the mood to make a full-on dinner. Really. The less pots and pans the better. I pulled together some salmon, couscous & a salad.

(isn't it pretty?)

The star of the dinner was the salmon. It was so super easy to make. And good. Did I mention good? In fact, both the husband and the 4 year old have requested that I make it again. Sweet!

This is what I did: I looked at the trusty Internet for 20 minutes looking everywhere for a suitable salmon recipe. And I found nothing. Fantastic. So, I raided my spice cabinet. And made a rub for the salmon.

Salmon Rub:
brown sugar
onion powder
garlic powder

rub the rub (ha!) all over the fish. front and back.
put in a PAM'd dish.
375 degree oven- 10 minutes... ish. 
Serve to a grateful family.

Delicious. Especially on the youngling's Star Wars plate.

I will say that I'm planning on playing with this a bit. Next time I think I'll add some spicy spices- chili powder, cumin, something like that. 

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