Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Triumph. The Tragedy. The Broken Ankle.



It's been an interesting week around here. (putting it mildly)

Wednesday night, I was on my way into church to pick up the short one from choir when my cell phone rang. It was my dear hubby's ring tone, so I assumed it would be him on the other end.


It was my brother-in-law.

Not what I was expecting.

My lovely Bro had some news. He was driving E's car & he was behind the ambulance that was taking E to the hospital. (this would be the moment I stopped walking and did my best statue impersonation)

Let me back up for a moment, that morning, E and I had a convo about our plans that evening. I was on short one detail. E was going to play racquetball with his big brother.

Can you see where this is going?

E broke his ankle playing racquetball.
Good. Grief.
(When I inquired of E later how this happened, he said that he was playing extra-sucky & thought he could make up for the sucktitude by playing extra physical and with more energy. Yeah. My response was probably less than supportive.)

Isn't it cute? E's first broken bone. First IV. First hospital visit. First surgery. My baby is growing up! (Yes, I did just call my husband 'my baby'. Deal.)

He had to have surgery. A couple of pins, steel rod, staples, wire, duct tape and a Jedi Mind Trick were involved with putting that ankle back together. I was more nervous about the surgery than E was. I've had surgery a couple of times, shall we say. And I knew what was to come. But, what I didn't know was how nerve-wracking it would be to have a loved one wheeled away from me. I pretty much, in every way, hated it.

The surgery was super fast- and our surgeon was amazing. He was knowledgeable and really put me at ease. (and thought I was a nurse. I'm not. but, still. that was cool.)

E's on crutches this week and part of next. I'm driving him everywhere his sweet heart desires. He's a bit more than giddy to have me playing chauffeur. Next week he gets his staples out and a walking boot... and hopefully starts driving again!

I'm in every way tempted to post a picture of E in the hospital, but I was informed that any posted pictures would NOT be to the amusement of my beloved.

So, I'll leave you with this one!

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