Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Monkey in My Backseat

So, this Monkey graduates from pre-K tomorrow.


Where did the last almost 5 (count them! 5!) years go? I'm so incredibly proud of him. So thankful to be his mommy. Allow me to brag shamelessly about him for a moment, huh?

Jacob is funny & he knows it. He's sweet and snuggly. He's kind. If someone around him is hurt or upset, Jacob takes it to heart. He will walk over and start to comfort the other kiddo (or adult). He's so smart. And I'm amazed on a daily basis on how much he knows and how much he's learning.

Jacob is a performer! He loves to be the center of attention, on his terms of course! He'll bust out some sweet dance moves or burst into song at the drop of a hat. And I love that. He loves to draw & it's a rare moment when a piece of school work comes home without one of his 'Jacob originals' on the back!

But the thing I'm most proud of is, he's already seeking out and working through his relationship with God. With Jesus. He has that childlike faith and curiosity that propels him to want to know more and more. I love that. Even though being the recipient of those questions scare the squeak out of me sometimes (talk about responsibility!)! I will say this, it's forced me to go deeper in my own faith, that's for sure.

Being a parent is the hardest, most terrifying & the most amazingly wonderful job, I think. And I love it.

With this face. How could I not?

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