Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Bloggergirl's Mommy Manifesto... Part 1

After much thought & careful typing.... I bring to you, The Mommy-Manifesto... part 1
(according to this Bloggergirl)

1)      You will never believe that you can love and protect another human being like this creature.

2)      The cliché about ‘heart walking around outside your body’?.... yeah, its true.

3)   You will never shower without an audience again… at least that’s how it feels.)      

4)   You will never ‘go potty’ again without an audience again… see #3 

5)   You will start using the phrase “go potty”…. Even when the phrase has the same effect as nails on a chalkboard to you.

6)   Your house will never be as clean as you think your childless friends’ houses are. 

7)   Your house will never be as clean as you think your mommy-friends’ houses are.

8)   You will lose socks to the dryer monster. (the “sock baggie”?... yeah. Give it up.)

9)   Your washer and dryer will become your new BFF’s.

10) You will interview and cull through babysitter applicants as if they are applying for top-secret government work... but at some point, you will just hire someone so you can Get Out of the House for an hour or 2. 

11) You will feel guilty about #10.

12) At some point, you will get over #11.

And there you have it. #1-12. I was going to stop at #10... but I felt that #11 & #12 were needed in this case. I'll have my part 2 up soon!

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