Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Know

I said I was back the other day... apparently, I lied. Epic fail.

::le sigh::


What are you watching on tv? Cause, if you're looking for a new show, I've got one for you!

Parenthood (yes, like the movie. an actually well-done take off of the movie.) on nbc.

Love it. We are 2 episodes in, so there's plenty of time to join in and catch up. And you should, by the way. I would wager that has the eppys on-line. I don't know that for sure, but it's a very good bet. Set your tivos, dvrs to TAPE people!

And speaking of nbc, may I just state for the record how much I have enjoyed watching the Tonight Show again? I love Jay. Judge me if you must. I have never been a fan of Coco. I'm a Leno girl. There, I said it. I feel cleansed.

Let's see, what else on tv??? Ah! If you're not watching Caprica, what the frak is wrong with you? Seriously. Very good.

If you're an Army Wives fan, that starts back on Lifetime (television for women) on April 11th. Really looking forward to that.

I don't have an abundance of time to sit and watch tv, so I am unbelievably thrilled to pieces to find some happyland inducing stuff right now. It's been a reality show induced wasteland here of late- jeeps! .....

And speaking of creepy reality land! I would like to formally lodge a protest against American Idol and that little girl who butchered, BUTCHERED I SAY, one of my all-time favorite songs the other night. I had the misfortune of catching some little girl doing on interpretive style twist on 'Rhiannon' when my dad was flipping channels. Scarred me for life people.

And then, I get on facebook and other blogs and see other people complimenting this travesty! What?!


"The horror. The horror."

I have had to exorcise this demon from my memory by listening to Stevie Nicks many, MANY times in the days since... which I grant you isn't a horrible thing for me, but honestly- I may never be the same.

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