Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Organic Thinking

I recently had the coolest opportunity. I got to talk about organics with a good friend of mine.

People, I got giddy. Giddy, I tell you!

I love organic food. I do. I cannot tell a lie. If I could, I would buy exclusively organic. My son ate (and still does) organic baby food. He drinks organic milk. (Yes, he was a formula baby. Don't judge me. No the formula wasn't organic. ::sigh::) I have another friend who rolled her eyes and said, "Oh, good grief. Another one", when she learned of my organic bent. I love her dearly anyway. :-) (Especially since, I look at her & see myself in 10 or 11 years!)

Why do I like organics?

For one thing, for as long as I can remember my mother has purchased organic milk. Seriously, people. If you haven't read on this one subject.... do it. Rapidly. (I've even provided a linky for your reading pleasure. Consider it a jumping off place.)

And hey, after you read about milk, read about the benefits of organic meat- particularly beef.

Then, I wrote a paper on childhood obesity for college. And yes, it changed my life. Or, at least the way I think about the food that goes into my body & where it comes from. The foods that some people eat are literally killing them. And that's crazy. Especially since food should nourish us and give us life.

We are so stinkin' fortunate because organics have become a mainstream product. You don't have to go out of your way. Even Wal-Mart is carrying organic foods.

If $$ is a concern (and for most people it is, me included), but you still want to eat organically, then might I make a recommendation?.... Really, it's a piece of advice that was given to me. Switch your milk, your meat and the Dirty Dozen fruits & veggies. It's a great place to start. And if you never go any further, you're still miles ahead of the game.

All this to say- our bodies are, at their most basic levels, machines. And they can either work at optimum level or they can crap out. It's something to think about the next time we think about dinner..... or the next time we feed our kids. Treats are great. I am all for a donut run on Sunday mornings on the way to church (complete with a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper, thank you very much).

Just Sayin.

*If you're interested in organics, but don't know where to start, may I make a suggestion. Head on over to Sara Snow's website. And then, go get her book, Sara Snow's Fresh Living.

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MOM said...

Gosh, I did a good job of brainwashing you! (just kidding!)
Glad you absorbed some of the good stuff.