Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taylor vs. Broccoli

So here's the deal.

I really do love vegetables (except for Brussels sprouts, but those are an abomination & should be destroyed, yuck!). I have good and tasty recipes for corn (technically a starch, I know), green beans, asparagus (eat the asparagus I make & you'll be a convert. Trust me), carrots, etc.


I have a kitchen foe.


Oh, I have tried to tame this menace. I have tried. I have hunted through cooking books, scoured the internet.... but nothing.

It's not that it's nasty, that's not it, oh faithful InterPeeps. If that were the problem, then I could walk away with my head held high... knowing that I had tried to slay this beast.

But, alas.

The problem is that it's simply... blah. ho-hum. It's not good. It's not bad. Oh, I know that I could slather it with melted Velveta and be done with it... but.... somehow.... that seems like cheating. I yearn to put forth a broccoli dish that will delight the senses as it pleases the palette! I need to conqueror this culinary foe, my Peoples! The line must be drawn Here! Viva, la Broccoli!-......


Sorry about that.
I'm better now.

What I meant to say is. If anyone has any tasty broccoli dish recipes they'd love to share, that would be great!

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