Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love.....

*Diet Dr. Pepper
*my son
*chips and salsa
*coffee in the morning
*my pretty, pretty pink laptop
*BSG on dvd
*Stargate (SG1 & Atlantis) on dvd
*the rest of my fav shows on dvd
*my iPOD
*Chuy’s Mexican food
*cooking in the afternoon
*spending an afternoon curled up, reading
*Robert Duvall
*Fleetwood Mac
*an incredible family who amaze and astound me
*being born in Texas
*naming my son after my beloved grandfather
*collecting autographs
*Mary McDonnell
*flying monkeys
*Dallas Summer Musicals
*Neutrogena skincare products
*homemade barbecue baked beans
*good Italian food
*my grandmother’s sugar cookie dough
*iced tea
*Star Trek… Star Wars
*black and white movies
*Band of Brothers
*Lonesome Dove
*the month of July
*laughing so hard I squeak
*vacations in Texas
*the month of December
*my church
*my friends
*play dates

*Cafe Brazil veggie sammy

*rainy days

What do you love?

1 comment :

Cafe Brazil said...

We love that we made your list!!