Monday, January 04, 2010

First for 2010

Another year, another post.

I've returned from may Wheeling adventure, none the worse for wear. Oh, I didn't mention I was going to West Virginia over the Christmas/New Years holiday? That's because I'm paranoid and thought it best not to mention the whole out of state thing, just in case anyone with nefarious intentions was reading my blog and somehow found out where I live.

Anywhoo- I know I've been neglecting the whole reading/reviewing project here in bloggie land, but RL (real life) has been kicking my back end lately. Very, very busy. But, I have been (at least) reading. I've completed a couple more books, including Julie & Julia (read that in 2 days) &, to my eternal shame, 3 of the Twilight books. Lest you think my reading habits have gone totally to pot, let me state that I've been up to my well manicured eyebrows in biology, chemistry, etc for the past 2 months. Fluff does a body good.

And yes, review of all books are coming. Just slowly.

I've made some New Years resolutions this year. Some are personal, some are silly & some are just plain boring. We shall see.

** On a side note, would the nameless author of the comment to my last post mind explaining said comment? The Scripture verse was interesting, but I'm not entirely sure what your meaning is.**

Hoping every one's holiday was lovely & bright and that the new year brings new blessings to you all!

And be sure to tune in Thur night to see my beloved Horns hook the Tide!

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Mom said...

People who love to hunt for a bible verse to hurl at someone they deem to have done something wrong are nothing more than "cliche and hollow Christians." It is highly doubtful they ever see their part in anything that goes wrong in their lives or in the lives of others. Perhaps one day they will discover what it MEANS.... not just what it "sounds like" to be a Christian. Don't hold your breath tho.