Wednesday, January 27, 2010

THE 300th POST!

Well, my goodness. What an occasion. And I really don't have anything very special to mark this date with. Sorry. :-)

Caprica is still sitting on my dvr. I know. I know. I'm just hoping I carve out the 2 hours to watch the premier before the next episode airs... you know, on Friday. Eesh. Sprout Tv has been ruling my world right now. What's Sprout? You ask, oh Faithful InterPeeps? It's the preschool channel. All preschool shows. All day. Wowsa.

I have recently had reason to formally state that Chuy's Deluxe Chicken Enchiladas must be in my life forever. Really. They CHANGED my Tex-Mex life. And no, that's not an over-statement in the slightest bit. I must live within driving distance of Chuy's for the rest of my natural and (or) unnatural life.

And that's got me thinking about what other Fine Food Establishments I must be within driving distance in order for my life to make sense. It's a thought to ponder, my friends.

Here's my list-

1)Chik-fil-A *If you've never had the wonderfulness that is the original chicken sandwich with the 2 crucial pickles, you have my sympathies.*

2)Urban Crust Pizza *In Plano, Texas..... Kinda like the greatest pizza you will ever eat in your life. Seriously. Not kidding. LIFE CHANGING*

4)Ajisen *My sushi and miso soup needs are met here in ways that complete my soul.*

5)Fish City Grill *It's good, no it's down right tasty. It's not expensive. Did I mention the tasty?*

and I already declared my undying love of Chuy's.

What about you? Any favorite food places? Any you just can't live without? Or wish you could magically transport closer to you?

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