Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Shamless Plug, Stuff, & a Serious Note

Well, Faithful Blog Followers, I only have a few minutes here to pontificate on the meaning of life, tv and treadmills before laundry, a dirty blender, class work & my son coming home start calling my name.

So, here we go.....

Did I mention to yall that I am now on the Board of Directors to a local theatre company? No?! Well, I am! Word of Mouth Productions, would be it's name. And if I may take a moment and tell you a little about the fine theatre group- it's a family safe theatre company. Which means that the shows we produce can be seen by the whole family. It's good clean fun & a great way to introduce the kiddos to the MAGICAL, MAGICAL I say, world of theatre without always having to worry about content. Cause, let's face it, most theatre is not really meant for kids or grandparents. :-)

I love WOMP. I've been in main stage shows, I've stage managed main stage shows and I recently taught a summer workshop for kiddos. LOVE IT!

AND..... if you're looking for something to do in the DFW area Feb 5th or 6th, we're having a fundraiser in Frisco! Hop on over to our website and learn more about it!

Now, after that shameless plug, what else do I have to say.... hmmmm.....

Oh yes, the matter of the telly. I received a couple of excellent suggestions, one of which I can't believe I forgot about. Caprica! And I call myself a BSG groupie... oh, the shame. I've also heard some good buzz about a show on ABC Family, Life Unexpected, or something like that. And Castle (with Captain Malcolm Reynolds... if you don't get it.... feel my pity).

.... You know, if occurs to me that I should that the makers of my pretty, pretty pink precious. Why? You ask. Because I am sitting at the kitchen table where I can blog... or do whatever I care to do on the computer while I am "doing laundry" at the same time! Genius, I say! Thank you, Dell Computers!

For a more serious moment- if yall could take a moment and say some prayers for a couple of sweet little girls who dearly need them.

Abby Riggs- you can follow the button to the right and go visit her & her family. She's been battling a foe that no child should have to wage a war against for quite some time now. She's 5 now & is starting to realize that she's different from the other kids. And she's here recently been having a very hard time. And if you happen to think of any fun, low impact things that a really tired 5 year old would enjoy, please let Abby's mom, Michelle, know.

from Abby's family blog, you can go visit...

Avalon- she's another darling little girl who's had WAY more than seems even in the same sphere on fair foisted upon her. She's in remission, but because of a truly, TRULY GOD AWFUL surgical screw-up this darling girl needs ... a miracle. Avalon's mom is dealing with doctor's who don't seem to want to listen to her when she KNOWS that somethings going on with her kid.... and, as any mom knows, when you KNOW your kid is hurting or in trouble it is just unacceptable to be ignored when you're trying to sound the warning bell.

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