Friday, January 08, 2010

In Which I Really Do Bleed Orange....

With the daylight comes the sad, sad period of mourning.

Yeah, we lost. Our sweet, valiant Colt McCoy was taken out in the opening drive (I believe I heard a collective "NO!!!!" from Texas fans everywhere.) &, bless him, but the 2nd string QB just couldn't pull it off. He tried & he tried hard. And darn it if he didn't show a lot of promise, but the kid's a freshman & this was the championship. Do the math.


But I'm proud. They didn't lie down and just let the Tide roll right over them without a fight. They kept fighting & McCoy came out to rally the troops once everyone realized that the kid wasn't coming back. Oh, what a blow that was.

And let me say, for a moment, to all the people who have been so terribly mean-spirited about Colt McCoy's injury- get a grip on yourself! My goodness. I logged on to facebook and saw a couple of comments on how the kid should have "been a man" and gone out there & played.

Umm... people? He couldn't feel his arm.

And can we not ask him to risk his entire future just so we can we a ball game? Yes, we wanted to win. Badly. But not at the cost of a young man getting hurt- really badly. Let's learn some class here, people.

(And I won't even address the comments on the injury somehow being Karma for Sam Bradford.... cause, if I recall- he RE INJURED a shoulder, playing in a game that he NEVER should have been playing in. But, wouldn't that kinda be his own coach's fault & not.... you know, UT's.... but, I digress.)

Anyway, Longhorns- you should be proud of your team. We had a GREAT season! We had a crew of players who worked hard and gave it everything they had. They did us proud. And yeah, they lost. Oh well.

And if anyone but a BAMA fan gives you crap, just turn around and utter this question.....

"Oh, I'm sorry. And how far did your team get?"


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