Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guess What Day It Is

Well, duh. It's Wednesday.

But it's another day of the week for me. Wednesdays are, kinda, my days. No one is home but me. It's silent... an aspect of daily life that I sorely miss & in need of every other day of the week. It's an amusing fact to me that, when I was in my 20's, I craved being around other people. I craved... loud. Noise. Movement.


But, somewhere around 30, that changed. I still love being around people... specifically, my people. But there's something about silence & stillness that I find myself reaching out for.

Wednesdays are usually the days when the tv stays off. If the radio gets turned on, it's usually for a very short time. And even then, it's on softly. Right this moment the only sounds around me are the fan blades whirling & the laptop keys clicking as I type. For me, that's a beautiful thing.

We went to the Fair on Sunday & I realized how quickly a person can become Way. Over. Stimulated. There were so many people. And so much noise. And so much to see. And so much going on. And trying to keep up with everyone, including a 5 year old. And did I mention? So. Many. People. It was really hard for me to enjoy my day. And that stunk, because I look forward to the Fair every single year. There were a few times when I had to give myself a time out and go stand in a corner to take a few deep breaths (hopefully without someone running over me with a stroller... again).

I thought about it later & realized that those few hours on Sunday were really a insight into life for me. There's so MUCH going on. Every day. Some of it's fun & fluff. Some of it is important & requires the attention it demands. And in life- just average, daily life... it's so easy to become way over stimulated. It's so easy to run from place to place & moment to moment. To forget to breath. To get run over by the strollers in life.

It's so darn easy to get totally and completely caught up in it all. To be absolutely immersed in the business of life- so much so that LIFE starts to pass by without notice.

I wonder if that's one of the reason's God tell us, to STOP. To BE STILL.

Actually, I take that back. I know it's one of the reasons. He tells us time and time again. And warns time and time again against being in too much of a hurry- of being so darn busy. We miss stuff. We think we don't.

We're so sure we're getting it all done & seeing it all & that we're missing nothing.

But, the truth is... that just ain't the truth.


Wednesdays are my days to just stop. To simply be. To watch. To listen. To wait.
(yes, to do laundry & clean bathrooms as well...)
But, not to hurry. Not rush past.
To remember that life is fast enough. It doesn't need me to hurry it up.

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