Monday, October 28, 2013

Menu Planning Monday

Yup! It's that time again. Monday morning- means menu planning for me. And, I'm actually remembering to post it! Woot!

Monday 10/28
breakfast: pancakes w/fruit & juice
lunch: nut butter & jelly sandwiches with chips & applesauce
dinner: E is working late tonight, so it's just me and the youngling for dinner. He's having Trader Joe's Mac 'n Cheese & salad. I'm having soup & salad.
Jacob asked for "Halloween Pizza"... hmmm, this might be the night!

Tuesday 10/29
breakfast: cheesy egg scrambles & toast
lunch: tuna salad sandwiches & fruit
dinner: bruschetta chicken, green beans, salad

Wednesday 10/30
breakfast: cereal
lunch: leftovers
dinner: homemade potato soup & corn muffins

Thursday 10/31
breakfast: fried eggs & toast
lunch: sandwiches & salads
dinner: Halloween night!!! 

Friday 11/1
breakfast: cereal
lunch: pantry raid
dinner: hmmm, we shall see! E's having day surgery this day! It may be leftover night!

Saturday 11/2
breakfast: cereal
lunch: salad
dinner: salmon, veggies & brown rice

Sunday 11/3
breakfast: pantry grab
lunch: "Hot McDonald's" aka: McDonald's after church
dinner: pasta w/turkey meat sauce & salad

Having a meal plan every week is a great way to stretch our budget & keep me from making extra visits to the grocery store. And, I like the fact that I always know what we are having for dinner every night! 

What are y'all having for dinner this week?

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