Monday, October 14, 2013

Rainy Weather & Chicken Soup

It's a rainy Monday, here in North Texas & that means it's the perfect kind of day for a warm, yummy bowl of soup. Last week I tried my hand at an (almost) homemade pot of chicken noodle soup. Or rather, chicken and corn noodle soup!

I looked through so many recipes, but none of them worked with the ingredients I had on hand. So, I read the 'how-to's' for those recipes and then meshed those ideas with my ingredients! I gotta say, my soup came out so tasty! I was really excited. (And so was Mr. Husband! He ate two heaping bowls!)

The batch I made was HUGE. Just saying. We had it for dinner one night. I filled a left-over container to stick in the fridge for later in the week & I filled a freezer container and froze some for dinner later! I'm rather excited about that!

In honor of rainy days everywhere, I present to you...
Super Easy & Tasty Chicken & Corn Noodle Soup!

Chop an onion. I chopped mine up fairly fine. Then chop a carrot up. I always have those little carrot stick thing-ys on hand for snacking, so that's what I used. I eye-balled the amount of carrot. My onion/carrot ratio was about even.

Pour a little bit of veg oil in a big pot and put over medium heat. Throw the carrots and onion in & let them go until the onion is cooked and the carrots are nice and soft.

Add some happy garlic. I used the jarred minced garlic I have in my fridge. Yes, I use jarred. I don't like garlic-y smelling hands. Don't judge. I eye-balled the amount once again. I say use as much or as little as you like.

Let the garlic go until it cooks and then pour in your chicken stock. I used 2 cartons & then added about a coffee mug's worth of water. Turn up the heat and get it bubbling. Add your spices now. Mine? Kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, 2 bay leaves & dried parsley. I kept it pretty simple this time around. But feel free to get crazy!

Now... as I've said before, I usually roast a chicken once a week or so. Because of that, I almost always have some cooked chicken hanging around. That's what I used. I just pulled it off the bone and shredded it to the size I wanted. I also used the dark and the white meat. 

Add it to the pot- carefully! 

Next, add 1 package of frozen corn. 
Yup! Don't worry about thawing it- just throw it in.
Turn down the heat & let it simmer for an hour or so. 

When you're ready to eat, turn the heat up & add a package of egg noodles. Let them cook and then serve!
(preferably with lot's of crusty bread to dip into the broth!)

I'm a horrible food stylist! 
But, I promise you... this soup is good. Really good. And perfect for a rainy, October Monday!

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