Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meet Me in Dallas, Texas! Meet Me at the Fair!

(I never claimed to be anything but cutesy when it comes to blog titles!)

A week ago we went to the Great State Fair of Texas! Woot!

We go every single year. Not kidding. It's the kick-off event to my Fall & my upcoming Holiday Season. And, honestly, where else can I eat all manner of fried and delicious foods (and be encouraged to do so!!) and not feel even one ounce of guilt?!

This year, my dad came with our little family trio. It was awesome fun. We got to see the new, bigger, badder Big Tex. And get our pictures in front of him. It was a traumatic event last year when the big guy went up in flames. We were all happy to see him again. (... though, E mocked me endlessly for being emotionally attached to a large cowboy. My response? I grew up in Texas! What do you want from me?!)

Big Tex looked great. But his head moved from side to side & that was a little weird. It felt like he was following you around the Fair grounds.

We hit up the car show (both buildings!!!). Did I mention I was with 3 persons of the male species? We rode the the sky-tram thingy that takes you from one end of the Mid-way to the other. It was a great view. And at the bargain price of 10 tickets a person!!!!

We saw Elsie & Beau (the cows). Jacob had a fantastic time seeing them and petting them! He kept saying, "Ooh, look! They are so cuuuute! Aren't they so cute?!"

We walked & walked & walked. And I dodged people... and more people. And even more people. Did I mention- we went on the LAST DAY? Yeah. Oops. I gotta say, we won't be doing that again. It was wall to wall to wall, people.

But the real show was the food. Ahhhh...... the food. I love me some Fair Food. Every year I have to try one of the 'Competition Foods'.... those fantastic fried delicacies that make health food people go into spaz fits. We had pizza, and baklava, and Philly cheese steaks. There was ice cream. And hot dogs. And corn dogs.

And this delectable item. Fried Spinach Bites. 
Shut the Front Door! 
Oh, my goodness. 
So. So. So. So Good. 
It tasted just like spinach & artichoke dip.
I am a fan. 
And I need it at the Fair every year, from here on out. Forever & ever.

E tried the Fried Thanksgiving. It actually won for best taste... but not with the husband.

For some of you that might not know, I am a die-hard Texas Longhorn fan. 
And.... this year was the scene of sweet, sweet victory for my beloved Horns. 

By the end of the night, we were all exhausted & very much ready to get ourselves on home.
We rode the DART train to and from the Fair- which is great.
If a little time consuming. 

I think this pretty much sums it up. 

And I can't wait until next year!!!!!

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